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Are you a fun of high-speeds and excitement? Skydiving, a high flying adrenaline sport offers these and much more. Fortunately, anyone 18 years and above old is allowed to take to the skies provided they have received comprehensive safety instructions. The cost of Parachuting, as it is also known, varies depending on the type of training, type of parachuting, location and whether the individual is planning to become a frequent skydiver or not.


Skydiving is not only simple and life-changing, but also very safe. Unlike any other sport, skydiving has recorded an impressive improvement in its safety record. Tandem skydiving, a type of skydiving most appropriate for starters, is the safest. According to NSC (National Safety Council) over duration of ten years, the sport had a fatality rate of a minute 0.003 per 1000 tandem jumps. This implies that a person is, by far, more likely to die due to a bee’s sting than by getting involved in an accident while skydiving.

Skydiving costs

A Tandem skydiving costs between 100 and 300 dollars. It is the simplest and most popular especially for persons doing skydiving for the first time. Tandem jump requires about 30 minutes of crucial basic ground instructions. The student then experiences the thrill of a free fall from 13,000 feet securely harnessed o a trained, licensed and experienced instructor.

(AFF) Accelerated Free-fall jump-costing between 250 and 350 dollars-is the type of skydiving where starters are allowed to skydive using a separate parachute system with two experienced instructors besides them but not attached to them. Due to its nature, the jump requires up to 5 hours of rigorous ground training and instruction. This is in addition to learning different body flight maneuvers as well as hand signals instructors will use to coach the individual later while flying. While diving, instructors hold the trainee’s harness until he or she deploy a parachute. The student then decent alone, with expert instructors keenly providing radio instructions on how to land safely.

IAD (Instructor-assisted deployment) costing between 100 and 200 dollars is a form of skydiving in which either a static line joined to the instructor or the aircraft deploys the student’s parachute while exiting the airplane. Even though a student experiences a short instance, typically lasting about two seconds, he or she enjoys the benefit of doing a solo parachute decent with instructors only providing guidance on how to land safely through radio signals.

Questions to ask

  • What altitude you will be jumping from for any particular price. Also ask the average time free-fall takes.
  • Find out if the instructor will have to strap a camera to his waist or if a professional photography will accompany you should you decide to buy photos.
  • Also find out if you fall in the permitted height/weight proportions the skydiving you wish to attempt.
  • Note that some institutions offer refund if you change your mind while aboard an airplane while others do not. Be sure to ask about refund in advance.

Extra costs

Hiring a parachute

If a student decides to rent a student-level parachute instead, be prepared to pay an extra 20 to 30 dollars, depending on location. This is, however, only allowed after the diver is certified to jump unsupervised. Buying the gear, on the other hand, costs between 5000 and 9000 dollars. The gear includes the primary and reserve canopies, goggles, helmet and altimeter. The option of buying a parachute is thus appropriate for persons planning to venture into skydiving for an extended period of time.

Videos and photos

Photos of the jump cost between 20 and 100 dollars, though the cost will depend on the location as well as size of the photo, while videos cost between 50 and 100 dollars, depending on location.

Note that the cost covers a lot more than the film since the photographer leaps from the plane together with the student. For tandem jumps, the cost can be slightly lower because the instructor can simply wear a wrist-mounted camera. The video camera will then automatically record everything as the instructor guides the student.

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While tandem skydiving offers the cheapest and safest controlled experience, for a more thrilling skydiving experience, opt for AFF. The latter, however, costs more and requires a longer training period. For persons who find AFF quite expensive and the training considerably time consuming, Instructor-assisted is ideal for you.